Risk and Compliance Transformation

Promoting user-centric innovation in a traditional top-down organization with a long history.

We enabled users to perform risk assessment supporting complex, mission-critical functions of a business.

This project is subject to NDA therefore no real life designs and prototypes could be shared in a public space


The challenge was to champion a user-centric innovation agenda in an environment where projects were predominantly mandated by regulators. Additionally, overcoming a corporate culture that leaned towards a "solution-first" approach rather than embracing an innovation mindset of "problem-to-be-solved first" required turning a reactive process into a proactive one.


We gradually upgraded the methodology by introducing higher standards through different steps. This involved setting user research standards and using checklists and templates to make processes scalable beyond the design team, ensuring consistent and efficient outcomes.

We conducted user-centric design trainings in various formats across the organization, aiming to promote the use of vision workshops and product roadmaps throughout the company.


User research has become a crucial part of many innovation projects. We have seen a substantial increase in workshop requests. Senior sponsors strongly back design thinking and require new projects to prioritize user needs. Several teams within the organization have approached us for design thinking trainings.

My contribution

  • User Interviews
  • Facilitating ideation workshops
  • Contextual enquiries
  • Hi-fi prototyping
  • User journey mapping
  • Setting up templates to help scale up the processes
  • Delivering trainings and design consulting for non-designers
  • Usability testing

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