UBS Twint

A quick exercise to redesign a popular swiss digital wallet.

Project format

1. I limit time to one evening, max. 5 hours.
2. A redesign should include at least 2 options.
3. Keep existing functionality. Improve the visual style.


Main goal of the redesign:
Bring to UBS Twint users more value than any digital payment app can.

One of the ways to achieve it:
Help users to save money by using the app.

Current design


Proposed improvement


Solution #1

Focus on Offers as could bring user a lot of value, and on Payment (payments and transfers), based on assumption that it is the most important feature for user.

Solution #2

When I use any wallet, either physical or digital, I want to have a clear overview of my assets.

We could discover how important is it for users, and probably add an overview of accounts and cards, including access to balance, ability to manage cards, rename it, add new ones, etc.

Solution #3

I am coming back to the idea of bringing value by offers, and the assumption that we have many of them, and those are appealing for users.

After analyzing Twint app of competitors, I found out that most of them use a carousel structure for offers.

What if we could change the approach? The module with the most important features for a user will be fixed, and most of the space on the screen will be used by offers.


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