User Dashboard

A quick overview of relevant data for admins of a brand management tool

Project and timeline
This project showcases a result of a week-long collaboration with a team of developers and a project manager, resulting in the successful delivery of a proof of concept.

Frontify is a brand management platform with approximately 60,000 daily active users. I’ve designed a dashboard for a landing page of Frontify. 

The developed dashboard empowers users to stay informed about pending requests, tasks, and company news. Additionally, users can bookmark preferred brands and projects, while also having the flexibility to rearrange widgets for a personalized and tailored experience.

User Research

The primary persona for the User Dashboard is The Admin—a individual responsible for configuring and managing content and users.

Through extensive collaboration with The Admin, we curated a list of widgets and data that could prove beneficial for other Frontify users. Subsequently, we validated this information through a user survey.

Additionally, we discovered that half of the customers place importance on narrowing down the data to a specific brand. Consequently, we incorporated an extra filter to accommodate this requirement.

The dashboard was implemented and released as beta.

The proof of concept received highly positive feedback from both product leadership and a select group of beta users. As a result, it has been prioritized for further development and is slated to be delivered to our customers.

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